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Contact Face
Wojciech Ciołczyk

beeIN SA is a company based in Poland that has always been focused on international development. We have sold our products in european markets like Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Baltic states, Germany, Austria, Denmark and many more. Today we are present in over 20 countries across Europe.

We are a distributor of recognized global suppliers of renewable energy technologies, such as LEAPTON Solar, DAH solar, ZNShine Solar or SPRSUN (heat pumps).

beeIN SA is a company listed on the NEW CONNECT market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE).

Our goal is to provide continuous solar investments at different stages of development.

服务区域 奥地利,比利时,保加利亚,塞浦路斯,捷克,德国,丹麦,爱沙尼亚,西班牙,芬兰,法国,希腊,克罗地亚,匈牙利,爱尔兰,意大利,立陶宛,卢森堡,拉脱维亚,马耳他,荷兰,斯洛伐克,斯洛文尼亚,瑞典,罗马尼亚,葡萄牙,波兰
语种 德语,英语,匈牙利语,波兰语


  • ¥2.05 / Wp *
    LP182-M-60-MH ...
    丽瀑光能(常熟)有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥2.31 / Wp *
    安徽大恒能源科技有限公司 背钝化
  • ¥2.11 / Wp *
    LP182-M-54-MH ...
    丽瀑光能(常熟)有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥2.44 / Wp *
    ZXM6-NHLDD144 ...
    正信光电科技股份有限公司 双面,背钝化
  • ¥2.20 / Wp *
    安徽大恒能源科技有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥2.11 / Wp *
    安徽大恒能源科技有限公司 背钝化
  • ¥2.12 / Wp *
    DHM-66L9(BW) 4...
    安徽大恒能源科技有限公司 背钝化
  • ¥2.17 / Wp *
    DHM-T72X10/FS ...
    安徽大恒能源科技有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥2.07 / Wp *
    LP182-M-72-MH ...
    丽瀑光能(常熟)有限公司 单晶硅

Solar panels

Solar panels at wholesale price.

Check the available offer of photovoltaic cells from many manufacturers.

Renowned brands are now in one place. When buying on pallets, the discount is applied automatically.

DAH Solar 555w DHM-72X10 Black Frame

  • Brand: DAH Solar

  • Type: Mono Perc DHM-72X10-520w-550W

  • Max.Power: 550W

  • Dimensions: 2279 × 1134 × 35mm

  • Certificate: TUV / CE / INMETRO / PV CYCLE

  • Warranty: 25 Years

LEAPTON 460w LP182-M-60-MH Black Frame

  • Japanese producer

  • Higher power output

  • Higher performance in shaded conditions

  • More stable energy production

  • Lower temperature coefficient

  • 15-year product warranty

  • 25-year linear performance guarantee

  • Full product certification

Photovoltaic inverters

Photovoltaic inverters/inverters in the store's offer.

Check out the offer of reputable producers of PV equipment in the beeIN photovoltaic warehouse.

Lease of land for a PV farm

We will build a solar farm on your land, you will make money on it.

Basic criteria for a solar power plant:

  • an area over 2 ha

  • without a local land development plan

  • soil class IV or worse

  • without trees and buildings, debris

  • area not covered by nature protection regulations (Natura 2000).

We offer attractive terms of cooperation, approx. PLN 16,000 per year, and during the lease period the sum of payments exceeds PLN 500,000.

安装规模 兆瓦级光伏系统
安装地区 奥地利,比利时,保加利亚,塞浦路斯,捷克,德国,丹麦,爱沙尼亚,西班牙,芬兰,法国,希腊,克罗地亚,匈牙利,爱尔兰,意大利,立陶宛,卢森堡,拉脱维亚,马耳他,荷兰,斯洛伐克,斯洛文尼亚,瑞典,罗马尼亚,葡萄牙,波兰
组件供应商 宁波尤利卡太阳能股份有限公司, 苏州腾晖光伏技术有限公司, 安徽大恒能源科技有限公司, 丽瀑光能(常熟)有限公司
逆变器供应商 深圳古瑞瓦特新能源股份有限公司, 科华数据股份有限公司, 深圳市首航新能源股份有限公司
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