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Beltrona is a leading distributor of high-quality, market-driven quality products for everything to do with off-grid power supply. With us, you benefit from decades of experience in the project-specific development of technical solutions with the highest performance and reliability. With the know-how of our team, we advise you individually on your application conditions for all commercially available chemical and technical systems. Thanks to our long-standing partnerships with the leading battery and rechargeable battery manufacturers, you also benefit from favorable delivery conditions and optimal availability for all common branded products. For your individual requirements, we also produce samples and small series in the highest quality standard and within 10-14 days. We manufacture large series at our partner company in China. We assemble battery packs and battery columns according to your specifications, both for new applications and for existing applications in NiMH, NiCD, Li-Ion and lithium primary and alkaline batteries, rechargeable and non-rechargeable systems, including for the following areas: Measuring devices and measuring instruments, security technology, medical electronics, communication devices, computers and data processing devices, backup systems, general time and data technology.

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  • ¥1.65 / Wp *
    N type QN-420-...
    安徽秦能光电有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥1.48 / Wp *
    安徽大恒能源科技有限公司 背钝化 (PERC)
  • ¥1.83 / Wp *
    宁波尤利卡太阳能股份有限公司 单晶硅


  • ¥1.18 / Wp *
    宁波德业变频技术有限公司 混合
  • ¥0.858 / Wp *
    MIN 2500-6000 ...
    深圳古瑞瓦特新能源有限公司 并网
  • R8-20KH3
    深圳迈格瑞能技术有限公司 On-grid,Off-grid
  • ¥1.26 / Wp *
    BDM-800 WiFi
    青岛北方超能电气有限公司 微型逆变器
  • DHN-SU800D-G0/B0
    安徽大恒能源科技有限公司 微型逆变器
  • ¥0.872 / Wp *
    宁波德业变频技术有限公司 混合
  • ¥1.83 / Wp *
    宁波德业变频技术有限公司 混合


  • Deye ESS AI-W5...
    宁波德业储能科技有限公司 智能
  • ¥1,840 / Wp *
    Deye ESS RW-M6...
    宁波德业储能科技有限公司 智能

Beltrona - Your Premier Distributor for Off-Grid Solar Power Solutions

Beltrona stands at the forefront of the solar energy revolution in Germany, serving as the go-to distributor for a comprehensive array of solar PV products.

With a firm commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, we offer a wide range of high-quality solar solutions that empower customers to harness the power of the sun.

Our extensive product catalogue encompasses:

  • Solar panels renowned for their efficiency and durability

  • Cutting-edge Inverters for seamless energy conversion

  • State-of-the-art Energy Storage Systems for uninterrupted power supply

  • Innovative Balcony Power Plants to maximize small-space solar utilization

  • Top-grade Cables and Mobile Power Supply options for convenience and versatility

  • Mounting Materials to ensure secure and efficient installations

  • Pre-configured PV Systems for hassle-free setup

  • Optimizers for enhanced performance, and

  • Meters for precise energy monitoring.

Our strenghts

Decades of Expertise - Leverage our decades of experience for project-specific, high-performance solutions in off-grid power supply.

Personalized Advice - Our team provides personalized advice for various technical systems to meet your specific application requirements.

Strategic Partnerships - Enjoy favorable terms and reliable access to top solar product manufacturers through our long-lasting partnerships.

Quick Customization - We produce high-quality samples and small series within 10-14 days, and large series through our Chinese partner.

Custom Battery Packs for Diverse Industries - Our partner facility in China ensures efficient large-scale production. We create battery packs for NiMH, NiCD, Li-Ion, and more, catering to applications in measuring devices, security tech, medical electronics, and more.

Key Products

Sunwoda - SunESS-H Smart Stacked Energy Storage System


  • High Voltage (400V) enabled by built-in DC-DC

  • Flexible capacity configuration (5-60 Kwh), easy upgrade to high power needs whenever required

  • Compatible with market-leading hybrid inverter brands

  • Safe and long-life LiFePO4 technology

  • Optimized for both grid-tied and off-grid applications

Sunwoda - SunESS-L Energy Storage System


  • Flexible Capacity Options - Stackable Module design, easy to scale-up capacity from 5 to 60Kwh

  • Easy to install - Plug-n-play design with no wiring connection; Compact and Light weight

  • Excellent performance - 100% DoD; Operate at -10℃ without any limitation and attenuation

  • Remote data access and control - Real-time monitoring; Remote maintenance and upgrades

Sunwoda - MonaWall 5kWh


  • Flexible application - Optimized for wall-mounted installation

  • East to Install - Plug-and-play; compact and lightweight; 2-persons installation

  • Excellent performance - 100% DoD; Operate at -10℃ without any limitation and attenuation

  • Remote data access and control - Real-time monitoring; Remote maintenance and upgrades

Our Team

What sets Beltrona apart is not only the diversity of our product offerings but also our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

We take pride in our ability to provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our team of professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of the solar industry, allowing us to offer valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring that each customer's solar project is a resounding success.

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