Green Energy Supplier
Bulgaria Blvd 58, 1680 Borovo, Sofia
保加利亚 保加利亚

We at Green Energy Supplier are a company that is dedicated to supplying equipment for your photovoltaic projects. We have selected world leading manufacturers known in the industry, such as Huawei, Solis, Deye, LONGi Solar, Risen Energy. Our team is made up of professionals and we are focused on premium technology. We offer the latest innovative solutions in the industry. We are here to help you with your sustainable project and achieve the power and energy you need using state-of-the-art products. Solar technology is the future of the planet and our commitment is to provide sustainable and clean products that protect the environment. The market for solar technology is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, making solar the foundation of the transition to clean energy.

服务区域 欧洲
成立日期 2015-11-09
语种 Bulgarian,德语,英语
经销商 / 批发商 经销商,批发商


  • ¥1.24 / Wp *
    Hi-MO 6 Scient...
    隆基绿能科技股份有限公司 交指式背接触 (IBC)
  • ¥1.24 / Wp *
    Hi-MO 6 Explor...
    隆基绿能科技股份有限公司 交指式背接触 (IBC)
  • ¥1.44 / Wp *
    TWMHF 66HD695-...
    通威太阳能有限公司 异质结 (HJT),双面
  • ¥1.26 / Wp *
    Hi-MO 7 LR5-72...
    隆基绿能科技股份有限公司 双面
  • ¥1.09 / Wp *
    TW400-420MAP M...
    通威太阳能有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥1.16 / Wp *
    通威太阳能有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥1.16 / Wp *
    通威太阳能有限公司 双面
  • ¥1.17 / Wp *
    东方日升新能源股份有限公司 异质结 (HJT)
  • ¥1.21 / Wp *
    东方日升新能源股份有限公司 双面
  • ¥1.24 / Wp *
    东方日升新能源股份有限公司 双面
  • ¥1.36 / Wp *
    Hyper-ion RSM1...
    东方日升新能源股份有限公司 异质结 (HJT),双面
  • ¥1.24 / Wp *
    Tiger Pro 72HC...
    晶科能源控股有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥1.24 / Wp *
    Tiger Neo N-ty...
    晶科能源控股有限公司 TOPCon
  • ¥1.21 / Wp *
    Hi-MO 5m LR5-7...
    隆基绿能科技股份有限公司 单晶硅


  • SUN2000-30/36/...
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SUN2000-50KTL-M3
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SUN2000-100KTL-M2
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SUN2000-105KTL-H1
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SUN2000-115KTL-M2
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SUN2000-185KTL-H1
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SUN2000-215KTL-H3
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SUN2000-330KTL...
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SUN-29.9/30/35...
    宁波德业变频技术有限公司 混合
  • S5-GC(25-40)K
    锦浪科技股份有限公司 并网


  • LUNA2000-5/10/...
    华为技术有限公司 离网
  • A48100 LiFePO4...
    大秦数字能源技术股份有限公司 独立型
  • Tower Series H...
    大秦数字能源技术股份有限公司 独立型
  • LiFePO4 Batter...
    广州美力特动力科技有限公司 独立型
  • LUNA2000 - 200...
    华为技术有限公司 独立型
  • 15Kwh Powerwal...
    广州美力特动力科技有限公司 智能




About Us

Authorized distributor of photovoltaic equipment for Bulgaria of leading global brands.

GREEN ENERGY SUPPLIER EOOD was founded on November 9, 2015, and developed its activity with a main focus on the wholesale and retail trade of photovoltaic equipment. The company is an official representative of leading global brands such as Huawei, Longi, Risen, Solis, Deye, Dyness, and others.

The company's aspiration is to satisfy the technological needs of its customers, applying modern, quality, and affordable services in the field of renewable energy sources. We are confident in our professional competencies and have established ourselves as the market leader in these areas, and to this day we continue to prove ourselves as reliable partners and the best choice for our customers.


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