Tekno Ray Solar完成建设土耳其22.5兆瓦光伏电站

发布于 2016年5月9日
Tekno Ray Solar 
Turkey's solar energy power plant, which is expected to meet energy demand of 20 thousands of homes, was put into service in central Turkish province of Konya. The cost of the 22,500kW (22.5MW) installed power capacity of Konya Kızıören Solar Power Plan costed 22 million of US Dollars. 

Solar Power Plant which was built in Kızıören Neighborhood of Karatay's district was established 430- decare of land and has the biggest solar power plant in Turkey. Kızıören Solar Power Plant has "Online Scade" architecture and highest quality materials were used during the construction period. 

Meanwhile, Kızıören has highly productive system design and remote viewing feature. Within the scope of the project is estimated that at least 18.000 tons of CO2 emission will expected to be delivered to the nature. 

According to the explanation made by Tekno Group of Companies Director Atalay Coşkunoğlu that while Arab has oil we have Sun. "I estimated that our governments will understand the importance of the matter and will lead up the sector," said Çoşkunoğlu. 

"Every per millions worth of investment in this sector provides 220-thousand dollars of energy every year," noted Coşkunoğlu. Tekno Ray Solar Duputy Director Mehmet Özenbaş also said that in total Kızıören has 75 thousands solar panels. 

来源: Cihan News

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