Skytron Energy为Sonnedix加勒比地区57.6兆瓦光伏电站供应监控系统

发布于 2016年11月23日
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Skytron® energy has been commissioned to provide monitoring and supervision technology for a 57.6MW solar power plant in Isabela, Puerto Rico.

The plant named "Oriana" is owned by Sonnedix in the Caribbean. Oriana has started producing clean energy from September. It will cover the power demand of more than 12,000 homes and will displace 95,000 tons of carbon dioxide each year.

"All eyes are upon Oriana, as it is a milestone in driving the implementation of renewable energies in the Caribbean. To meet the requirements of the political and economic authorities, we decided to partner with skytron energy. They have a proven track record in mastering high-quality engineering services with an above average complexity. Most importantly, skytron energy has developed necessary solutions to collect 1-second values and to integrate external devices such as combiner boxes, battery charger, and power plant controller into one single supervision platform," says Joern Hackbarth, EVP – Global Head of Engineering and Construction at Sonnedix. 

In the case of Oriana, Skytron energy has re-engineered skyCOMM.

"With its ambitious plans to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, the Caribbean has taken the right path to encourage the development of solar power generation. We are proud to support this direction and to partner with Sonnedix on completing the largest solar power plant in the region. Due to the size and the hybrid nature of the plant, we have deployed the entire range of our high-quality monitoring and supervision technology", says Stephan Raulin, Head of Sales at skytron energy.


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