发布于 2017年6月6日
Sunrun Inc. announced that it is expanding its home solar service to Texas.

"Solar is a win-win for Texas. Texas homeowners benefit from solar costs being at an all-time low giving them greater control over their energy and all Texans win from solar energy's ability to contribute to the grid clean renewable energy when temperatures are at their highest and so is demand for energy," said Lynn Jurich, Chief Executive Officer of Sunrun. "We look forward to working with Think Energy by ENGIE to give Texas homeowners a choice to better control their electric bills and demonstrate the value of distributed energy resources in meeting Texas' energy infrastructure needs."

Sunrun is now available to serve homeowners throughout Houston and surrounding areas with plans to expand to other cities in Texas in the coming months.

"We know well the power of the sun in Texas and are excited to create a new option for homeowners in Houston and other Texas cities by working with Sunrun," said John Henderson, head of Think Energy. "Combining rooftop solar with, when needed, grid power at a transparent, fixed rate is a great demonstration of Think Energy's commitment to make it easy for customers to integrate renewable energy into their daily lives."

With the addition of Texas, Sunrun is now available in 19 states.

来源: SunRun

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