Hevel Group异质结光伏组件产能扩张

发布于 2017年7月7日
Hevel Group has begun manufacturing heterojunction solar modules, doubling the capacity of its plant in Novocheboksarsk (Chuvash Republic) to 160MW of solar modules per year, which is sufficient to cover 50% of annual demand in the Russian solar energy market. 

"On a number of parameters our solar modules are significantly better than global counterparts in the silicon segment," said Igor Shakhrai, CEO of Hevel Group. "More than doubling the efficiency of solar modules compared to previous technology increases installed capacity and power output by up to 20% for the same area, opening up broad prospects in terms of large-scale projects in Russia and abroad."

In addition, Hevel’s production line delivers both solar modules and cells that can be exported for localized assembly in countries where the solar power plants are being constructed.


Hevel (太阳能电池组件): https://www.enf.com.cn/hevel
Hevel (光伏系统安装): https://www.enf.com.cn/hevel
Hevel (光伏原材料): https://www.enf.com.cn/hevel