发布于 2017年8月18日
Sunworks, Inc. announced a new 1.4MW solar power construction project for nine elementary and middle school locations in the Los Altos School District (LASD). Sunworks' in-house construction team will manage all of the engineering, procurement and construction for this project.

Sunworks' Chief Executive Officer, Chuck Cargile said, "Together with ForeFront Power, Sunworks is excited to help LASD optimize their energy costs and establish a more accurate, monthly power payment schedule. The savings realized at each of the nine locations will allow for funds to be redirected to advance educational program initiatives that directly benefit the students. In addition, the positive results help tomorrow's generation understand the positive impact that sustainable energy has on our environment."

Mr. Cargile added, "This represents our largest public works project to date. We are confident that our relationship with ForeFront will lead to additional public works projects this year and advance our efforts to expand our presence in this large and growing market."

来源: SUNworks

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