Hevel Group俄罗斯20兆瓦光伏电站投入运营

发布于 2017年9月25日
Hevel Group completed construction on the 20MW solar project in Altai Republic (Russia). Solar modules mounted at Maima solar power park are produced on the basis of heterojunction technology at Hevel's manufacturing facility in Novocheboksarsk (about 600 km east of Moscow).

"Today total installed capacity of all solar parks put in operation in Altai Republic is 40 МW, and in winter, in period of peak loads the region consumes 120MW. So about one third of our needs is secured by solar generation and we go on with our plans to increase capacity", - stated Alexander Berdnikov, the Governor of Altai Republic.

"This year we have upgraded the production line, and also put the first solar power plant with HJT modules in operation. And that's just the beginning. Next year we are expanding HJT solar modules production to 220 МW, and by the end of this year we start projects abroad", - said Igor Shakhrai, CEO of Hevel Group.

Simultaneously with the Maima solar park launch, the 5MW Onguday solar power plant (Altai Republic) was put into operation.


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