KACO new energy GmbH前三季度逆变器出货量达1.95吉瓦

发布于 2017年10月27日
KACO new energy can look back on a third quarter of 2017: the inverter manufacturer received orders for 550MW in the period from July to September. The cumulative inverter power sold so far this year is 1.95GW.

"KACO new energy has consistently reduced its dependence on the German domestic market in recent years. Instead, we have been able to demonstrate continuous growth on the US market, one of the biggest locations in the world for PV. From there, we have successfully extended our reach to the Caribbean and Mexico in particular. Our current focus is on the Asia-Pacific region: We have gained a foothold in India very quickly, and have just established a presence in Taiwan. After having laid the groundwork, we are about to intensify the activities in Japan also," says Ralf Hofmann, CEO of KACO new energy GmbH. 

"From a global perspective, we are in an extreme growth market, although regionally there are differences and shifts. Against this background, it is very important that, as pioneers in photovoltaics and as a German family business, we are perceived as a stable and reliable partner," Hofmann continues.