Azur Space为Sierra Nevada建造航天光伏组件

发布于 2017年12月13日
Azur Space 
Azur Space Solar Power GmbH announced that it was chosen from a procurement to provide solar panels for Sierra Nevada Corporation's (SNC) first Dream Chaser® spacecraft.

"Our entrance in the USA multi-junction solar panel market two-plus years ago has been very well-received by the space power community, as demonstrated by SNC's selection of the Azur Space team to supply high-efficiency solar panels for the Dream Chaser program," said Mr. Juergen Heizmann, managing director at Azur Space. "This is a significant step forward for the Azur Space team in demonstrating performance, heritage and best value. We are truly excited to work with SNC to make the Dream Chaser program a major success."

Added Mr. Heizmann, "Our 100 percent mission success, extensive in-orbit heritage working with Airbus combined with our cell manufacturing expertise, next-generation technology commitment and unparalleled reliability will continue to make AZUR SPACE the leading choice for power solutions in the worldwide satellite industry."

"We are very pleased with the selection of the Azur Space team," stated Mr. Paul Streit, senior vice president at SNC's Space Systems business area. "The Azur Space team has demonstrated excellent execution on other programs over the last couple of years. We are delighted to continue working with Azur Space."


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