发布于 2018年1月31日
The Zhaiheyuan Project, was connected to the grid in Jiyuan, Henan Province. At 5MW, the Zhaiheyuan Project is also the solar project using innovative shingled-cell modules, which are all made by Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd..

Developed by Henan Nuanhuang Photovoltaic, Zhaheyuan Project now generates annual electricity exceeding 7 million kWh, using a total of 16,000 Seraphim 300W Poly Eclipse™ modules. After the project is completed, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 7781 tons each year.


江苏赛拉弗光伏系统有限公司 (太阳能电池组件):江苏赛拉弗光伏系统有限公司-1
江苏赛拉弗光伏系统有限公司 (光伏原材料):江苏赛拉弗光伏系统有限公司-1