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Two entirely different areas, one solar provider: Bethesda on the Caribbean island Antigua and a textile company in Leutkirch located in the South of Germany as of now benefit from clean solar power. Shortly before the end of 2018, the meeco Group successfully managed the same-day commissioning of a ground-mounted 4MW sun2live solar utility and a roof-mounted sun2roof solar power plant with a total size of 440kW. While the Caribbean commissioning team worked at moist conditions with up to 30 degrees and 70 per cent humidity, the German commissioning staff had to deal with heavy snow and icy flat roofs.

"The simultaneous grid connection of two autonomous large-scale solar power plants across two continents was associated with an intense effort, and we are proud to be able to reliably handle this logistical challenge," states Thomas Beindorf, Chief Technical Officer of The meeco Group. "It's unusual to energize two power plants on the same date, because challenges are being faced as a normal scope of work on such a day and the full headquarter engineering backbone is needed to flawlessly integrate a site into the grid and connect it to the online monitoring system sun2see. Since December 21st the PV plants perform very well and generate constantly clean solar energy."

The 4MW PV sun2live power plant in the Bethesda area of Antigua, designed, constructed and now commissioned by meeco's joint venture PV Energy. The installation as of now feeds the national grid with an average energy amount of 16,800kWh, saves more than 3 tons of CO2 emissions per year and contributes to Antigua's environmental sustainability.

The 440kW shave-off sun2roof solar solution at the German 200 years old specialized yarn factory Gruschwitz Textilwerke AG in Leutkirch was constructed and commissioned by meeco in less than 15 days. It consists of two separate energy systems installed on the company's adjacent production facilities.

Each of the currently commissioned solar plants are involved in a greener future with clean solar energy and less CO2 emissions.

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