Solaria Energía与Innside by Melia签署电力供应合同

发布于 2013年6月17日
Solaria Energia 
June 14th, 2013.- Solaria Energía y Medio Ambiente's Group has signed an agreement with Innside by Meliá for the power supply of three hotels in Madrid, Innside by Meliá Luchana, Innside by Meliá Genova and Innside by Meliá Suecia, through a bilateral energy supply contract. 

Energy will come from a new solar photovoltaic power plant whose construction is developing Solaria and where its photovoltaic modules will be installed and that will be finished by the last quarter of 2013. For the sale of energy, both parties will rely on the support of an energy retailer that will act as the agent for the electricity market. 

Thus, Solaria continues its commitment with the Spanish market with innovative solutions to adapt to an environment without subsidies and where photovoltaic technology is able to compete with other energy sources. The effectiveness and competitiveness of Solaria opens this market of great potential for the development of our activities, making grid parity a reality in many regions of Spain.

来源: Solaria

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