发布于 2013年7月12日
SolarBridge Technologies  江阴海润太阳能电力有限公司 
July 9, 2013 - SolarBridge Technologies has partnered with Hareon Solar to launch integrated ACPV technology in the U.S and global markets, beginning in Australia.

SolarBridge is a provider of microinverters that are directly integrated into solar panels to create TRUEACTM modules. This partnership allows SolarBridge to provide its TRUEAC technology to Hareon modules, making them easier to install and maintain. This integrated product is already shipping in Australia and will begin shipping to North America in the fall of 2013.

"Tier-one global module manufacturers like Hareon are naturally drawn to the simplicity of TRUEAC and the proven reliability of SolarBridge products," said Bill Mulligan, president and CEO of SolarBridge. "As a partner-oriented innovator, SolarBridge integrates well with Hareon’s offering, which will allow us to distribute our TRUEAC technology around the globe."

"Hareon Solar is committed to bringing the highest quality PV products and solutions to our customers, and this partnership allows us to tap into the high growth U.S and Australian markets. These large residential markets offer tremendous potential for Hareon ACPV solutions," said Dr. Jie Zhang, VP of International Sales for Hareon Solar. "Our AC modules, featuring TRUEAC technology from SolarBridge, are designed for safe and reliable operation for 25 years and offer a simple, scalable, high-efficiency solution to our customers for lowest LCOE."


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