Hyundai Heavy为美国学校提供2.7兆瓦光伏组件

发布于 2012年9月24日
Hyundai Energy Solutions 

Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) announced today the completion of a 2.7MW solar and energy efficiency project ordered by Chevron Energy Solutions at Jurupa Unified School District, California, USA.

For the project, Hyundai Heavy provided 10,880 250W single crystal solar panels while Chevron Energy Solutions designed, engineered, and installed the solar energy system, and will operate and maintain the system.

The project consists of photovoltaic panels mounted on parking shade structures at nine campuses, the replacement of 400 air-conditioning units, and upgrading more than 21,000 lighting fixtures. With this project, the district is expected to cut its energy use by 16 percent and to reduce its carbon emissions by more than 3,463 metric tons, which is equivalent of removing about 679 cars from the road.

Hyundai Heavy also contributed USD 54,000 to the district as a part of its Hyundai Community Outreach Program. 


来源: Hyundai Heavy

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