Moser Baer印度32.2兆瓦光伏电站建成投产

发布于 2014年6月19日
Moser Baer 
June 18, 2014 - Moser Baer India's subsidiary Moser Baer Solar (MBSL), etched a new landmark by commissioning a 32.3MW solar farm in a record time of 39 days operating at an optimum generation efficiencies from the day 1 of its operations, Moser Baer said. The projects commissioned over 225 acres of land had multiple sub-contractors working round the clock to ensure timely completion of the project including getting it grid connected, the company said. The focus for the team management was to avoid wastage, enormous coordication, speed and managing the installation like an assembly line operation to ensure timely completion of the project with precision planning, Moser Baer said in a statement.

Speaking on the occasion, K. N. Subramaniam, CEO, Moser Baer Solar said, "The challenges were multifold like designing the solar farm as per the best irradiation level of the area movement of modules to the site in a short time, managing logistics, identifying right manpower and training them, connecting to the grid among others. What made it particularly challenging, the project was to be completed within 40 days! Our in-house designing experts and their understanding of the solar business helped us to commission the solar farm in less than the specified time. This experience sets a new benchmark in solar EPC and should augur well for the Indian players."


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