发布于 2012年11月8日
S-Energy  Baja Construction 

Hayworth-Fabian, LLC, the City of Oakley and the Oakley Chamber of Commerce have scheduled a Ground Breaking ceremony for a 1.68MW DC solar facility that will use S-Energy's 295W solar modules to provide shaded parking for the RVs and Boats at the Executive RV & Boat Storage facility located in Oakley, CA. Over 170,000 square feet of canopy parking engineered and constructed by Baja Construction will be the backbone of a solar energy facility engineered and constructed by Cenergy Power, a division of BAP Power Corporation. Under PG&E's Small Generator Feed-In-Tariff ("FiT") program, PG&E will purchase the solar power generated at this site under a 20 year contract. Additionally, the shade provided by the solar modules will offer shaded parking for RVs and Boats, a unique attribute of this state-of-the-art RV & Boat Storage facility.

This project will highlight the successful implementation of PG&E's Solar FiT Program, while we await California's expansion of the FiT program – SB 32.  In addition, the project will also highlight new developments and opportunities in the RV & Boat Storage business, utilizing traditional bank financing with Bay Commercial Bank and the SBA, through the Bay Area Development Company.



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