Meyer Burger宣布与法国CEA战略合作

发布于 2015年4月9日
Meyer Burger 
Meyer Burger Technology Ltd has entered into a strategic partnership with CEA and its Institute of Laboratories for Innovation in New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials (LITEN) to carry out joint research on the next generation of future oriented high performance solar technologies such as HJT and SWCT.

Meyer Burger will supply CEA with systems and pilot equipment including advanced features for next generation HJT and SWCT cells and modules to replace their existing PV fabrication equipment. The systems and technologies will be used for research and development, including marathon research tests, with the goal of verifying new features and capabilities in an industrial environment in order to further develop the next generation of HJT and SWCT cells and module production equipment technologies.

Collaboration efforts have already started at Meyer Burger's competence centre for cell and surface coating technologies in Hohenstein-Ernstthal. Delivery and installation of the Heterojunction and SmartWire Connection equipment at CEA is scheduled to begin in late 2015.


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