Advanced Energy拟为土耳其光伏项目供应50兆瓦逆变器

发布于 2015年6月12日
Advanced Energy 
Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. announced the conclusion of a framework contract with Turkish investor A Enerji for solar projects totaling 50MW that include AE 3TL string inverters. The string inverters will be installed in three different A Enerji PV projects.

"We chose the AE 3TL string inverters based on their proven technology and outstanding quality," said Özel Sögüt, A Enerji's chief operating officer. "We are certain that this choice will pay off over the life of the PV system."

Norbert Apfel, Advanced Energy's senior vice president of inverter products, said, "With the decentralized concept of the AE 3TL string inverters, large PV systems can be planned quickly and installed efficiently. The operator also benefits from a virtually maintenance-free inverter with pure convection cooling and a service concept that is simple and assures yield reliability."


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