Duke Energy Renewables收购Sunpower三座合计55兆瓦光伏电站

发布于 2017年1月11日
Duke Energy Renewables  SunPower 
Duke Energy Renewables announced today it has acquired three solar power projects from SunPower Corp. totaling 55MW.

The sites include the 20MW Rio Bravo I, the 20MW Rio Bravo II, and the 15MW Wildwood Solar II solar power plants. They are located in Kern County, California, adjacent to two existing solar sites owned by Duke Energy Renewables.

"These solar projects are excellent facilities that increase our solar presence in California by 50 percent," said Rob Caldwell, president, Duke Energy Renewables and Distributed Energy Technology. "As we continue to grow our footprint in the state, we're pleased to provide cost-efficient, sustainable power systems that contribute to California's leadership in renewable energy."

The acquisition was completed in late December, the same month the facilities were placed in service. Southern California Edison is purchasing the power generated by the plants under 20-year agreements.

"Forward-thinking utilities today are diversifying their energy portfolio with increasing amounts of solar capacity," said Ty Daul, SunPower senior vice president, Americas Power Plants. "We are proud to partner with Duke Energy to serve more California customers with affordable, emission free solar power generated from these facilities."


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