CP-GM5 Single-Pole Ground Mount System

CP-GM5 Single-Pole Ground Mount System

价 格:
起价 ¥0.352 / Wp
起价 ¥1,110 / 10 块组件
地区: 中国大陆 中国大陆
注意: 您的询盘将直接发送至科锐欧(厦门)新能源科技有限公司


1. Thoughtful design with high strength;
2. Fixed-tilt racking system ideally suited for utility-scale installations;
3. Single person installation of girder, head adapter, and strut;
4. Components optimized for strength, safety, and fast installation.


产品质量保证 10 年
类型 地面型
支架系统排列方式 按行排,按列排
组件边框 有边框,无边框
组件排列方向 纵向,横向
屋面类型 混凝土
0-60 °
60 °
216 km/h
1.4 kN/m2
轨道材质 铝,不锈钢
零部件材质 铝,不锈钢

CP-GM5 Innovative fixed-tilt ground mount system for photovoltaic (PV) mounting

• Four major components: post, girder assembly, rail, strut.

• 25% increase in girder strength

• 40% increase in purlin spans

• Standardized hardware, reduces installation time

• Fewer trucks, less to manage, unload, and deploy

• 12% reduction in man hours

Unlike any steel PV mounting system on the market, the CP-GM5 design is a direct result of customer and installer feedback, combined with years of engineering and manufacturing experience. 

The CP-GM5 design principals include: simple components, larger spans between foundations, and hardware standardization to reduce the number of part variables

Reduction of Piles, Means Reduction of Costs

Based on initial findings, the average utility-scale layout will experience a pile (foundation) quantity reduction of 20% and capture the following cost efficiencies:

• Reduced manufacturing time/cost savings

• Reduced freight time, weight/cost savings

• Site deployment time/cost savings

• Installation time/cost savings

Factory Pre-Assembly

In order to speed installation time in the field, Corigy pre-assembles all the components we can before shipping.

Benefits include:

• Fewer touch points in the field reduces install time, saving installation costs

• Less loose hardware in field reduces material loss on site

Intuitive Design Features

Through the years, Corigy has taken customer and installer feedback seriously. Within the CP-GM5 design are visual quality assurance measuresincorporated during manufacturing into the system.

What this means for our customers is:

• Part identification numbers on every major component to clearly identify the part and the location for installation

• Embedment depth call-out (score line) on piles—provides a clear visual quality control indicator, increasing installation efficiency and reducing margin of error

• Torque check clips provides a simplified visual quality control check during installation reducing the need for manual torque checks

Safety and Ergonomic Improvements

It is well known that falls from elevated surfaces, such as from ladders, are one of the leading causes of occupational fatalities and injuries (OSHA).

Corigy has designed the CP-GM5 system to allow the option of module installation either from the top-down or bottom-up, reducing the necessity for ladders or scaffolding, and thereby reducing the likelihood of injuries during installation.

Technical Data


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注意: 您的询盘将直接发送至科锐欧(厦门)新能源科技有限公司


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Corigy Solar Racking specializes in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of photovoltaic racking solutions. Since its foundation Corigy has released a wide range of high-quality and innovative mounting systems. We provide roof and ground mounting solutions for residential, agriculture, industrial, government, commercial, and utility grade projects. Our mission is to promote renewable energy solutions making solar installations simple.

Corigy has many unique solutions which can be assembled into a variety of structures to accommodate most job sites. Corigy provides a technical support system complete with installation and design assistance to help you solve the toughest challenges.

We now play a leading role in the solar industry and have rapidly gained popularity among systems integrators, installers and distributors across the World. Innovate and supply high level renewable energy technologies and products, making renewable energy more affordable and accessible.
零 部 件 类 型
类型: 地面支架,屋顶型,BIPV,车棚型,漂浮型

Product List

● Ground Mounting System
● Roof Mounting System
● Ground Screw
● Fence


Corigy owns an international research and development department,with a group of high-tech professional technical elites and an experienced engineer who worked for a large solar mounting structures supplier in Japan before as a leader.We attach great importance to applying high-tech advanced equipment and bringing in high-grade,advanced talented persons,to offer customers kinds of very nice and cost-efficient solar mounting structures to meet their needs and requirements perfectly.

With 8000m² factory area and large company capacity,Corigy has---

---lab to ensure high quality of raw materials and semi-finished products and finished products,

---aluminum factory with oxidation line,foundry production line and full-auto production line making us to produce every aluminum product by ourselves,and making us to control every step during the production to ensure high quality of our products,as well as allowing us to offer more favorable prices to our customers.

---stainless steel factory,with galvanizing line,coating production line and full-auto production line.With this factory,we manufacture every steel product by ourselves,and we keep serious at every processing during the production to make sure that all products are high quality,we try our best to quote the best prices to our customers,too,to reach win-win.

---manufacturing factory with advanced cutting machine,eyelet machine and full-auto production line making us to customized produce goods for different customers with different requirements,to meet their needs perfectly.

Our annual production is around 200MW,so we can meet customers' large needs and can finish larger orders at a short time.


Corigy export about 4 MW solar products to foreign countries every month.

Products will be pre-assembled by CORIGY before shipment, packed with carton boxes and iron racks, and delivery on time.


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