HS300M-30D Ultra Black

Hanover Solar GmbH
价 格:
起价 ¥2.70 / Wp *
类型: 单晶硅
功率范围: 270 ~ 320 Wp
地区: 德国 德国
注意: 您的询盘将直接发送至Hanover Solar GmbH


1. High module efficiency, most advanced technology.
2. Prefect modern appearance, 4 busbars, black ribbons.
3. 300-320W outputs with 60 cells, also available for 72 cells.
4. 12 years product warranty.
5. TÜV Certificates IEC61215, IEC61370, fire class A1(100% fire proof), 100% water resistant IP68, Dessert proof.
6. Junction Box IP68: 20A, 1500V.


HS270M-30D HS280M-30D HS290M-30D HS300M-30D HS310M-30D HS320M-30D
产品质量保证 12 年
功率输出保证 12年期90%输出功率保证,25年期80%输出功率保证
峰值功率 (Pmax)
270 Wp 280 Wp 290 Wp 300 Wp 310 Wp 320 Wp
32.03 V 31.64 V 31.98 V 32.54 V 33.13 V 34.01 V
8.43 A 8.58 A 9.07 A 9.22 A 9.36 A 9.41 A
38.6 V 39.24 V 39.58 V 40.11 V 40.73 V 41.55 V
90.9 A 9.24 A 9.46 A 9.61 A 9.74 A 9.77 A
45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C
  电池片标称工作温度(NOCT):太阳能辐射通量800W/m2,大气参数1.5,环境温度20℃,风速1 m/s。
温度系数(Pmax) -0.43 %/°C
温度系数(Voc) -0.32 %/°C
温度系数(Isc) 0.05 %/°C
最大系统电压 1500 V
保险丝额定电流 20 A
组件尺寸(高/宽/厚) 1650x992x40 mm
重量 19.5 kg
电池片类型 单晶硅
电池片规格 156×156 mm
电池片数量 60
玻璃类型 钢化
玻璃厚度 3.2 mm
边框类型 阳极氧化铝合金
电缆 4 mm2
电缆长度 1100 mm

Product Advantages

About Hanover Solar

Best Price

China is the biggest solar market in the world. Hanover Solar established factory in China since 2011 with 300MW capacity, and now it has upgraded to 500MW in 4 years growing up. Besides with shipping goods in worldwide, Hanover Solar has also joined local market to help investors to launch big projects, all at customers’ benefit.

Certificates and Sponsorship

We are carrying TÜV, CEC, UL, ISO, IEC, and CE, and sponsoring CEC.

Our Products

We serve mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline to residential, commercial and industrial’s installation or refurbishment. Our mono-crystalline is ranging from 90W to 330W, and poly-crystalline is ranging from 20W to 335W, and all of our types are TÜV certificated.

Our Warranty

All components are of high quality and certified with 25 years warranty on modules and *12 years on inverters---trustful long-term business relationship.

Our Philosophy

Quality, our customer and social responsibility are the key elements we take into account when a decision is made in the company.

Technology Center

In headquarters in Germany, we cooperate with the best local materials suppliers to develop new materials for solar panel, aiming to produce the best efficient as well as the most safety solar modules for our customers.

Every tiny progress Hanover Solar is making requested thousands of hours on testing, to make sure every single module is the best module.


Hanover Solar GmbH

Herrenstrasse 13, D-30159 Hannover
- - - Custom Cleared Stocks Available in Europe, Door to Door Service. - - -
- - - Door to Door service in Australia - - -
- - - Hanover Solar is expanding his market in Middle East with projects in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Iraq.
- - - Manufactured in Indonesia and China by Hanover Solar Factories with High Quality - - -
- - - Welcome to send us an email: info@hanoversolar.de with any requests you may have. - - -
- - - Prices on ENF must be considered as "starting from" and EXW Factories with MOQ of 10MW - - -

Hanover Solar GmbH is a German manufacturer founded in 2008 in Hannover Germany. We had a laboratory and innovation center in Germany, and factories in Indonesia and China, total capacity of 800mW per year. Our Sales Office and Warehouse for Europe, is located in the Netherlands.

We have the best lab in our headquarters, with the professional team of engineers from Germany. We are using the advanced technology, automatic ABB production equipment, as well as a scientific and strict Germany management mode. Hanover Solar modules are widely used in commercial and residential projects in Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. It allows end-users to fully appreciate the high quality of German products at an affordable price.

Hanover Solar is committed to the highest levels of consistent quality in all of our products. Our solar products are subjected to up to a half dozen individual checks and inspections before being packaged. Tests are including infrared scanning, electroluminescence testing, thermal cycling, freeze-thaw testing (VDE Switzerland level), damp-heat testing, moisture penetration, UV degradation, wind load test (IEC61215 TÜV standard), waterproof test (IEC61730 TÜV standard), PID resistance, Ammonia resistance, and Salt spray resistance. Each module undergoes flash test and EL test individually, and all of the results are archived in our database.

Hanover Solar invested a brand new factory in Indonesia since 2013 with fully automatic machines. Indonesian factory is especially invested for European and North American markets, in order to help clients to solve anti-dumping cost issues. Additionally, Hanover Solar is co-operating with local listed company to develop SE-Asia markets.


产量 (MW)/2017: 95 MWp
功 率 范 围(Wp): 5-400


产量 (MW)/0: --
功 率 范 围(Wp): -


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