ASP MC-144 Series 440W-450W

Alpha Solar Planet GmbH
价 格:
起价 ¥1.90 / Wp *
类型: 背钝化
功率范围: 440 ~ 450 Wp
地区: 德国 德国
注意: 您的询盘将直接发送至Alpha Solar Planet GmbH






ASP440MC-144 ASP445MC-144 ASP450MC-144
产品质量保证 12 年
功率输出保证 20年期80%输出功率保证
峰值功率 (Pmax)
440 Wp 445 Wp 450 Wp
41 V 41.2 V 41.4 V
10.74 A 10.8 A 10.87 A
49.6 V 49.8 V 50 V
11.33 A 11.46 A 11.54 A
20.2 % 20.5 % 20.7 %
+ 1 % + 1 % + 1 %
45±2 °C 45±2 °C 45±2 °C
  电池片标称工作温度(NOCT):太阳能辐射通量800W/m2,大气参数1.5,环境温度20℃,风速1 m/s。
工作温度 -40~85 °C
温度系数(Pmax) -0.37 %/°C
温度系数(Voc) -0.286 %/°C
温度系数(Isc) 0.057 %/°C
最大系统电压 1500 V
组件尺寸(高/宽/厚) 2094x1038x40 mm
重量 24 kg
电池片类型 背钝化
电池片数量 144
接线盒防护等级 IP 68
连接器类型 MC4
电缆截面 4 mm2
电缆长度 350 mm

Enjoy the quality difference

We advertise quality – and that’s what we stand for!
In our modern production facilities in Europe and Asia, only raw materials and components of the highest quality are used. The highly automated production process of our modules, which have been tested by TÜV, the German technical inspection authority, is subject to a strict quality management and monitored by German engineers on our behalf.
That is why we give our convinced quality promise and proudly grant our customers a product warranty of 12 years as well as a linear performance guarantee of 25 years!

12-year product guarantee
Alpha Solar Planet guarantees that our photovoltaic modules are free from defects in material and workmanship. And that for 12 years. If, contrary to expectations, our products show any respective defects, we will provide you with a replacement – without ifs and buts! 

25-year linear performance guarantee
Even the best photovoltaic modules show a certain aging effect over the years of their use. This means a certain reduction in performance. But it is the quality that determines how fast this will happen.
That’s why Alpha Solar Planet grants a linear performance guarantee over 25 years. This means that the linear power loss of our modules reaches 80% of the nominal power output only after 25 years. So, you can be sure that your investment pays off.

Product Introduction

ASP MonoPower Basic Modules
The ASP MonoPower Basic modules are the solution for plants of any size, rooftop or ground-mounted. They impress with their high performance and their excellent diffuse and low-light behavior.

• Strong in diffuse and low light
• For small, medium and large plants
• High power output

Alpha Solar Planet GmbH

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Döllgaststr. 4, 86199 Augsburg
注意: 您的询盘将直接发送至Alpha Solar Planet GmbH


产量 (MW)/: MWp
功 率 范 围(Wp): 170-550


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Matthias Loose
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Michael Wagner
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Jesus Torres
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Kamal Yahya
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Hitham Mohammed Ali
Alpha Solar Planet is a supplier of high quality solar modules, located in Bavaria, Germany.
Our objective is to offer German quality at a low price. Thanks to our strategy, that’s no contradiction!
Our lean and efficient corporate structure, the use of first-class raw materials and components in modern, highly automated production facilities in Asia combined with German quality management, enables us to combine the advantages of both worlds: high quality according to German standards at reasonable prices. With this in mind, we always focus on our values: quality, diligence and durability.

• QUALITY – high-grade raw materials, modern production technology and high standards result in first-class products.
• DILIGENCE – from contract conclusion to production and order processing; we attach great importance to diligence, reliability and good communication.
• DURABILITY – high-quality products are characterized by reliability and durability. Nothing less is our promise.

Alpha Solar Planet - Enjoy the quality difference!

Please note that our minimum order quantity is one 20ft container.
类型: 单晶硅,多晶硅
功 率 范 围(Wp): 170-550
类型: 背钝化,双面
功 率 范 围(Wp): 290-550


excellent company, very smooth communication! Great potential!

-- , 宁波金石光电科技有限公司


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