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员工数: 40


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Maria Lakoma

AGORA Solar a.s. is a company founded in 2021, based in Slovakia. We specialize in the production of photovoltaic panels, with a primary focus on double glass bifacial solar panels. We take pride in being the first company of its kind in Slovakia, introducing Slovak quality to both domestic and international markets.

Our main objective is to provide high-quality solar panels that enhance the efficiency and performance of photovoltaic systems. Double glass bifacial solar panels are our specialty, allowing us to achieve high efficiency in harnessing solar energy.

We rely on Slovak manufacturing and strive to achieve high standards of quality. Every step in the production process is carefully monitored and controlled to ensure that our products are reliable and durable.

With a manufacturing capacity of 150 MW, we are able to meet market demand and ensure fast deliveries to our customers. Currently, we employ a team of 20 skilled professionals who are the guarantee of our quality and success. We aim to create a stimulating and innovative work environment where our team can grow and contribute to our growth.

AGORA Solar a.s. is a company with tremendous potential. We believe that with the growing demand for renewable energy sources and our ability to provide high-quality and high-performance photovoltaic panels, we will have a significant impact on the market and contribute to the transformation of the energy sector.

We are confident that our exponential growth will continue as we expand into new markets and collaborate with various sectors. We are determined to become a leader in solar technologies and contribute to sustainable and clean energy for future generations.

类型: 单晶硅,BIPV
功 率 范 围(Wp): 360-450
类型: 背钝化 (PERC),双面
功 率 范 围(Wp): 225-450
Production Facility
Product Line


  • ¥1.95 / Wp *
    AG-M144 - 450 Wp
    450 Wp 单晶硅
  • ¥1.86 / Wp *
    AG-B72 - 450Wp
    450 Wp 双面
  • ¥2.39 / Wp *
    AG-B48 - 300 Wp
    300 Wp 双面
  • ¥2.19 / Wp *
    AG-B120 - 370 Wp
    370 Wp 单晶硅
  • ¥2.12 / Wp *
    AG-M120-B - 36...
    360 Wp 单晶硅
  • ¥2.05 / Wp *
    AG-M144-B - 44...
    440 Wp 单晶硅
  • ¥2.04 / Wp *
    AG-B60 - 370Wp
    370 Wp 双面
  • ¥2.68 / Wp *
    AG-B40 - 245 Wp
    245 Wp 双面
  • ¥2.04 / Wp *
    AG-B144 - 450Wp
    450 Wp 双面
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