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As technology leader SCHMID supplies highly efficient equipment for the total value chain of photovoltaics. The product range includes single equipment for wafer, cell and module production as well as turnkey production lines and complete factory solutions. Thin-film manufacturers also place their trust in SCHMID’s technological expertise.

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The fully integrated Wafer Process  

In the Schmid production process the wafers are singularised, horizontally cleaned and measured inline as to mechanical and electrical properties.

The wafers are singularised in a water bath: by this method mechanical stress is reduced to a minimum. Afterwards the singulation lines feed the wafers into the cleaning line, at its output the wafers are brought together again on one single track by means of a Bernoulli-gripper. The wafers are subsequently tested and classified contact-free. After the wafers have passed the testing units they are laid down respectively slide softly into the Schmid boxes.
The Schmid Wafer-Inline-System is fully automated; no manual handling is required.
Please click to see the wafer processing described in detail:
  • Wafer Singulation
  • Wafer Cleaning 
  • Conveyor 
  •  Buffer 
  •  Pick+PlaceRobot 
  •  Wafer Test & Sorting



SCHMID's process for the texturing of diamond-wire-cut multi-wafers convinces the jury. Experts expect the current production costs of solar modules to drop by three to six percent.

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