发布于 2015年9月17日
Coronal Energy  Panasonic (Sanyo) 
Coronal Group LLC and Panasonic Eco Solutions announced their newest portfolio of eight solar PV projects in North Carolina now under construction. This 37MW AC portfolio will generate approximately 71.3 million kWh annually, which equates to taking 10,350 cars off the road or producing enough energy to power just under 4,500 average homes each year.

"The North Carolina portfolio is an important milestone," said Jonathan Jaffrey, CEO of Coronal. "These are the first projects that were originated and developed, end-to-end, using the Coronal-Panasonic platform, an innovative model we developed together that serves as a one-stop shop for renewable energy."

"The ability to develop a project soup to nuts gives our project stakeholders a lot of confidence," said Danny Van Clief, Executive Vice President of Coronal Development Services (CDS). "Whether it's a land owner, a utility, or an equipment supplier, everyone takes comfort in the fact that the same team will control the project for its full life cycle."

来源: Coronal

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