SunLink携手Blattner Energy拟建设美国东南112.7兆瓦光伏项目

发布于 2015年11月13日
NOV  Blattner Energy 
SunLink Corporation has been selected as the project partner for a 112.7MW solar PV portfolio project under development in the southeastern United States by Blattner Energy.

"Many companies in our business benchmark their success on total MWs installed. But the true measure of our success is in the quality of our customer relationships and the comprehensive range of problem-solving services and support we're able to offer them over the long term," explains SunLink CEO Michael Maulick. "We are very proud to be embarking on another utility-scale endeavor with Blattner, who shines when it comes to delivering a better construction experience for their customers. We commend and share their focus on quality, driving down the levelized cost of energy and adding value throughout all phases of the project lifecycle."

"Blattner is known for collaborative relationships with our partners," said Aaron Pyfferoen, manager of procurement, solar for Blattner Energy. "During the course of the first project with SunLink, they demonstrated that they share our commitment to exceeding expectations, problem solving and optimizing project solutions. We're pleased to have a long-term partner that shares our values when it comes to ensuring both our mutual success and the success of our clients."

来源: SunLink

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