Aleo Solar光伏组件助力菲律宾22兆瓦光伏电站

发布于 2016年3月7日
Aleo Solar 
Aleo Solar GmbH has supplied around 76,000 modules for the Sepalco solar park in the Philippines. The 22MW project on the central Philippine island of Leyte incorporates aleo monocrystalline modules manufactured at the factory in Germany. The solar park will be connected to the grid in March 2016.

The Sepalco project near the town of Palo has a total capacity of 50MW and was built by SAS Sunrise. With the Philippine Department of Energy, an energy delivery contract has been agreed providing the operator with an excellent feed in tariff return for more than twenty years. The Sepalco project is forecast to provide a yield of around 71GWh per year.

“Reliability, durability and the guarantees of aleo modules provide investors a high level of security,” says William Chen, Chief Sales Officer of Aleo Solar. 

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