发布于 2016年5月31日
Soltec will supply 150 MW's of its SF Utility Single-Axis Tracker in the United States. For this project Soltec has successfully designed and delivered product innovations adapting to extreme local climate conditions.

"To meet these extreme climate challenges our R&D team has redesigned the electronics adjusting to local conditions, and developed exclusive piles to maintain tracker equipment stability in heavy snow and deeply frozen earth. With these enhanced features SF utility is configured to deliver maximum potential even in the rough winters of North America," said José Alfonso Teruel, R&D Manager at Soltec.

"We are proud to deliver our first SF Utility supply contract in the US, and of how our R&D team responded to extreme project challenges there. We are also pleased with excellent sales growth that meets with expectation and demonstrates that SF Utility and the Soltec team are on track to attain our company's futuregoals in the Americas," said Raúl Morales, CEO Soltec.

来源: Soltec

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