Silfab Solar拟为Auric Solar供应15兆瓦光伏组件

发布于 2016年10月10日
Silfab Solar  Auric Energy 
Silfab Solar announced today a long-term partnership with Auric Solar to supply Auric with modules and delivery of 15MW over the next few months.

The Auric contract is the latest for Silfab. Auric Solar is purchasing Silfab's latest 300W module. Russell Pacific (RP) handles all aspects of Auric's module procurement and was a key partner in the deal.

"Auric focuses on North American made quality components, exceptional service and a world class solar experience that we have pioneered and are constantly perfecting. Aligning with partners who have a track record of success and a long-term minded leadership group fits perfectly within our company's philosophy and practices. As we look to enter the next phase of Auric's future, the clear long-term choice for us was Silfab," said Jess Phillips, principal of Auric Solar, which currently has the most positive reviews in America.

"Companies continue to select Silfab because of our North American location – which means quicker delivery, best-in-class warranties and high-touch customer service," said Geoffrey Atkins, Silfab's head of development. "Silfab is excited to partner with another customer-focused, high-quality solar provider such as Auric."

"RP ranks and selects manufacturers on three key criteria: Leading market products, well managed and long-term focused growth plans, and price-to-value ratio," said Jay Miles, Vice President of Russell Pacific. "Silfab hit highest marks on all three areas making it the module manufacturer we wanted for Auric for the next stage of their explosive growth."


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