IBC Solar完成建设土耳其5.9兆瓦光伏电站

发布于 2017年5月23日
IBC Solar 
The Turkish regional company of IBC Solar AG has implemented a large-scale PV project with a total output of 5.9MW in the province of Gaziantep. 

The entire plant is divided into seven smaller projects each with an output of less than 1 MW. "This allows us to guarantee a simple network connection according to the current regulatory requirements in Turkey," said Bülent Yildiz, general manager at IBC SOLAR Turkey. 

"In the Gaziantep region the solar radiation is above the Turkish average. Thanks to our special design, maximum production values ​​can be achieved, "explains Hakan Daltaban, General Manager and Managing Partner at IBC SOLAR Turkey. "Turkey is one of the countries with the highest levels of solar radiation in Europe. Our facilities are extremely profitable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly investments. " 

The Gaziantep facility was handed over to Çolak Energy & Koyuncu Energy as a turnkey solution, with IBC SOLAR Turkey acting as an EPC service provider. The company took care of the entire project design, commissioning of the plant and a monitoring system. In addition, IBC SOLAR assumes the technical operation and maintenance (O & M) for the PV system.


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