Origis Energy USA拟在佛罗里达州建设50兆瓦光伏项目

发布于 2018年1月22日
Origis Energy 
Origis Energy USA and Reedy Creek Improvement District announced a Power Purchase Agreement for a 50MWAC solar facility to be constructed in Orange County, Florida. Once complete, the solar facility developed, built and owned by Origis Energy, will generate approximately 120,000MWh of power each year and provide clean energy to the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

"We're excited to begin work on a new solar facility as part of our ongoing responsibility to oversee land use and environmental protections within the district," said John Classe, District Administrator of the Reedy Creek Improvement District. "This project will significantly enhance our renewable energy abilities and create new environmental opportunities in the future."

"We are honored to assist the Reedy Creek Improvement District leadership team realize their vision for the use of utility scale clean energy," said Johan Vanhee, Managing Director, Operations and Business Development of Origis Energy. "Florida is our company’s home state as well. We commend the Reedy Creek Improvement District on the deployment of more solar energy in the Sunshine State."


Origis Energy (光伏系统安装): https://www.enf.com.cn/origis-energy