发布于 2018年7月17日
Enel Green Power 
Enel created its new 'Innovation Hub & Lab' in Passo Martino, in the province of Catania.

The 'Innovation Hub & Lab' in Catania will work not only on the development and advanced experimentation of solar energy generation technologies, but also on the development of disruptive solutions in the energy field with particular focus on the use of new technologies such as IoT (Internet of things), big data, automation and artificial intelligence, augmented reality; in line with Enel Group's Open Power philosophy, it will do so by forging on-going collaborations with start-ups and SMEs to lead to industrial partnerships. The most promising companies, selected at local, national and international level, will have the opportunity to test their solutions at the Passo Martino complex, supported by highly specialized Enel personnel and using the Centre's accredited laboratories, experimenting with innovative technologies especially in the field of renewable sources, such as solar, thermal and photovoltaic, micro-grids, storage and wind, with indoor and outdoor testing.


Enel Green Power (光伏系统安装): https://www.enf.com.cn/enel-green-power