Dyesol Delivers DSC Equipment Package to Researchers in Brunei

发布于 2013年2月15日
Greatcell Energy 
Dyesol has recently delivered and installed a compact DSC Laboratory Test Cell Equipment System for the University of Brunei Darussalam over the past month. This package provides the customer with the ability to produce DSC Test Cells through the use of Dyesol’s proprietary Test Cell Assembly Machine and provides the customer with the ability to conduct DSC testing through the use of Dyesol’s class AAA Solar Simulator in conjunction with Dyesol’s proprietary Universal Photovoltaic Testing System software package. 
This equipment package has significantly increased the capabilities of University of Brunei Darussalam to reproducibly construct DSC Test Cells.  Reproducibility is extremely important (essential) for ongoing and higher level DSC research. Consistent and repeatable results ensure material sets, new designs, methodology and processes can be logically and scientifically refined and activity progressed.  

来源: Dyesol

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