Donauer Solartechnik over 2.5MWp Mounting Frames Sold for Commercial Buildings

发布于 2012年8月10日
Dhybrid Power Systems 

Thanks to LGA certification via type testing/structural type analysis of the Donauer Flat Roof and Flat Roof Duplex mounting frames by the LGA Test Office for Structural Analysis, Donauer Solartechnik has already achieved sales of 2.5MWp in the first half of 2012.

"The LGA approval of the FISCHER Licht & Metall manufacturer is the main reason for the positive developments on the market," says Sebastian Stoll, Mounting Frame Product Manager at Donauer. "Our customers appreciate the security this provides with regard to test centres, assessors and insurance companies. Type tests S-R 090510 and S-R 100497 mean that a second structural analysis by the building control authorities is no longer necessary. It also speeds up the approval process for public sector construction projects considerably."

Although most installers are aware of the increased risk and legal liability, non-certified flat-roof systems are still commonplace. Many mention wind tunnel testing in their advertising material, but, without independent stability calculations, that is not enough.

The stability of the Donauer Flat Roof and Flat Roof Duplex systems has been independently tested and verified in type testing by the LGA Test Office for Structural Analysis. The LGA test makes this verification legally ironclad, whereas most competing systems’ fine print contains disclaimers. That gives installers a solid legal basis to back them up in insurance claims, and offers system owners sound legal protection. 


来源: Donauer Solartechnik

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