发布于 2013年4月17日
• Those two new projects will begin on Q4 2013 under 42 Yen feed- in- tariff guaranteed by Japanese Government before April 2013.

• First project based in Okunitama (Ibaraki prefecture), will produce 2MW and will be a Megasolar project distributed by TEPCO that has confirmed permission to connect the PV system to the grid. Second project, of 1.6MW will be based in Hiroshima.

• This new projects are approved under all quality standards required by Japanese Ministry of Energy (METI on its Japanese abbreviation), assuring the bankability of ISOFOTON modules

April 16 2013- ISOFOTÓN announces two new projects to be installed in Japanese market. This two new projects will begin to be developed on Q4 2013 under 42 Yen feed-in- tariff guaranteed by Japanese Government. First project will be a megasolar project based in Okunitama (Ibaraki Prefecture) supplying 2MW and distributed by TEPCO, that confirmed all permissions to connect the PV system to the grid. Second project, of 1.6MW will be based in Hiroshima.

ISOFOTON President, Ángel Luis Serrano remarked that, "This announcement implies an step forward on the company's business strategy in Japanese market, building alliances and assuring the recognition of our products from Japanese financial institutions".

In this sense, ISOFOTON Japan is working to develop our 44MW project pipeline to be installed in Japanese market during 2013- 2014, developing 20MW on projects of approximately 2MW power each one, and the rest on distribution channel through alliances with local companies, always assuring the quality of its product made in its factory based in Malaga (Spain).

Japan's potential for PV Industry within Asian region

Japan is a country specially focused in photovoltaic energy, having high isolation ratio 4.3 to 4.8kWh / (m² day) and great support from the government`s side, planning to develop 53 GW capacity of PV solar power by 2030.

In March 2012 ISOFOTON established ISOFOTON Japan LLC to respond to the needs of an expanding market, developing strategic alliances with local distributors to promote the distribution of panels for the residential market. For industrial use, it concluded partnerships with several system integrators. In November 2012, it partnered with five other companies to jointly invest in installing a mega-solar project (1.344MW) in Ube Techno Park, placed at Yamaguchi Prefecture which has been completed earlier this year and financed as well with the support of Yamaguchi Bank.

ISOFOTÓN present in Japanese market since March 2012, has developed a strong business strategy within Asian region, recently announcing the opening of a new office in Singapore to impulse business opportunities in South East Asia region, with an enormous potential of the region for photovoltaic business.

The company has recently signed relevant agreements in México and Honduras that supports this strategy, adding a total pipeline of 1.5GW by end of 2014.


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