Blue Sky Energy推出新型MPPT光伏充电控制器

发布于 2013年7月18日
July 16, 2013 – Blue Sky Energy today announces the release of its flexible MPPT solar charge controller, the Solar Boost 3000iTM (SB3000i). This device allows for a range of batteries to be charged using conventional solar modules. It regulates the transmission of power from the solar module to the battery.

The SB3000i "delivers exactly what RV, marine, lighting, security, and mobile customers have been asking for – a powerful MPPT solar charge controller with the same features and benefits included in our other products with the added benefits of flexibility and accessibility," said Melanie Cullen, VP of Marketing and Operations at Blue Sky Energy.

Blue Sky Energy's SB3000i is the company's user-friendly product with its built-in digital display providing for both monitoring and in-depth system setup. "The Solar Boost 3000i delivers a set of innovations that establishes Blue Sky Energy as a continued leader in the MPPT field," says Cullen.

The SB3000i will be available in August from wholesale distributors including Cascade Mountain, SunWize, Hitney Solar, the Alternative Energy Store, and AEE Solar.

来源: Blue Sky Energy

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