Trina Solar将在美举行研讨会推介新型Trinasmart光伏组件

发布于 2013年7月22日
天合光能股份有限公司  Tigo Energy 
July 19, 2013 - Trina Solar announced today that, based on strong demand at Intersolar North America 2013, it will host a series of seminars across the United States to educate installers about its new Trinasmart solar module. Trinasmart features enhanced capabilities that deliver increased energy harvest, longer strings, enhanced safety and advanced operations and maintenance capabilities.

"Our Trinasmart modules are designed to lower the overall cost of solar," said Mark Mendenhall, President of Trina North America. "As a part of our commitment to providing a complete solar solution to our customers, we will join with our solar partners to host a series of installer seminars on the benefits of Trinasmart. This is smarter energy, together."

The seminars will focus on how to design systems with Trinasmart. The modules feature Smart Curve, which enables the installation of up to 30 percent longer strings than with a traditional module. This reduces the number of balance of systems components required per array, while also making installation faster and easier.

Trinasmart accomplishes this by reducing maximum output voltage to 32.5V (on the 60-cell module) compared to 38.4V for a traditional module. The maximum voltage with Smart Curve is constant regardless of the temperature. This technology solution is compliant with all international safety regulations. Smart Curve reduces the BOS costs by about five cents per Wp. Smart Curve is TUV and CSA certified.

With Trinasmart, designers can use parts of the roof that are prone to shading without causing the entire system to lose power. Traditional modules would decrease the energy output in the string, but not Trinasmart, which automatically takes care of this. Overall, system output in case of shading and differing module performance within one string is improved by up to 20 percent. System performance can be monitored and controlled in real time through a web-based Trinasmart platform, with a smart mobile device or a PC. Trinasmart utilizes technology by Tigo Energy.


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