发布于 2014年6月6日
REC Solar  SolarCity 
June 5, 2014 - REC Group and SolarCity today announced a supply agreement under which SolarCity will purchase a minimum of 100MW and up to 240MW of REC's Peak Energy solar panels during a 12 month period beginning in Q4 2014. SolarCity plans to install the solar panels across its 15-state service territory. The solar panels are compatible with SolarCity's Zep Solar mounting system - REC and ZEP Solar entered into an technology licensing agreement earlier this year.

"The availability of competitively priced, U.S. trade-compliant PV modules is an important development for the global solar industry," said Tanguy Serra, SolarCity's chief operations officer. "REC delivers high-performance modules with excellent resistance to degradation, all with a responsible environmental footprint."

"REC Group is excited to partner with SolarCity, extending our presence in North America's rooftop generation markets," said Arndt E. Lutz, REC Group's senior vice president. "Our high quality, tariff-free, bankable solar modules are an excellent fit for the United States' largest solar power provider."


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