Borrego Solar拟启用LG组件建设24兆瓦光伏项目

发布于 2014年9月15日
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LG Electronics USA has joined forces with Borrego Solar Systems Inc. to expand the presence of LG's solar modules in the U.S. commercial market, the companies announced today.

Under the agreement, LG will supply 24MW of its popular Mono X series solar panels through 2015 to Borrego Solar. The collaboration aligns with the market's maturation and the move toward higher efficiency products in the commercial sector. The agreement also adds a greater number of LG Electronics' bankable products to Borrego Solar's portfolio.

"LG has a 30-year track record in solar technologies, and as a result of our pre-existing business relationship with LG, Borrego Solar is confident in LG's brand and ability to deliver superior efficiency, strength of warranty, quality and reliability," said Mike Hall, CEO at Borrego Solar, a leading designer, developer, installer and financier of grid-tied PV systems.

"This agreement allows us to meet rising commercial market demand for top-tier, high-efficiency modules – with the added benefit of not being subject to Commerce Department tariffs on Chinese modules – enabling us to maximize return on investment for our customers and provide the best quality and care throughout a system's lifetime," he said.

For example, San Diego Airport chose the LG Mono X modules for its installation "because they met the airport's high efficiency and sustainability requirements, as well as the system's space constraints," Hall explained. "We've already used LG panels on several MWs of municipal landfill projects in Massachusetts, and we look forward to expanding the portfolio under our new agreement with LG."

"When it came to identifying a trusted and respected commercial PV integrator and industry leader to expand the penetration of our high-efficiency modules in commercial markets, Borrego Solar was a natural choice," said Ellen Kim, senior vice president, energy solutions, LG Electronics USA. "Borrego Solar is a leader in the North American market and has experienced first-hand the value that LG products bring to its customers, as LG systems that they've installed have exceeded their expectations. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship and the opportunity to expand our offering to the commercial sector."


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