MegaCell与RTC Solutions签署多晶双面太阳能电池技术转让协议

发布于 2014年12月23日
MegaCell S.r.l. and RCT Solutions announce together the signature of a Technical Co-development and License Agreement for the technology transfer in favour of MegaCell for the industrial production of Photovoltaic (PV) poly-crystalline bi-facial solar cells.

This agreement represents a big step at global level in the photovoltaic sector, given the uniqueness of the polycrystalline PV Bi-facial solar cells technology, to be industrially applied. MegaCell and RCT have the intention to both collaborate for the set-up of other manufacturing units in countries where the PV is booming and also transferring the know-how to players.

"I feel very excited about this new collaboration with RCT Solutions and particularly with Peter Fath, who is one of the major experts of the PV sector at global level", said Franco Traverso, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of MegaCell.

"We are very happy to partner with MegaCell, which is one of the leading qualified manufacturers that is concretely investing in the state of the art of the bi-facial polycrystalline technology, allowing our technology to be moved to a massive production step", said Peter Fath, Chief Executive Officer of RCT Solutions.

来源: MegaCell

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