Abengoa Solar完成建设加利福尼亚州280兆瓦光伏电站

发布于 2015年1月27日
Abengoa Yield held today the grand opening of Mojave. The solar plant boasts a gross capacity of 280MW and is located 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles, near Barstow, California.

Mojave Solar will provide clean energy able to serve approximately 91,000 households in California. The plant will prevent the emission of approximately 223,440 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere annually, reducing dependence on fossil fuel power plants. Mojave contributes to California's goal of achieving 33% of overall electricity production from renewable sources by 2020.

Mojave will supply clean electricity to Pacific Gas & Electric Company ("PG&E") for the next 25 years thanks to the existing power purchase agreement.

The project has generated thousands of jobs, peaking at over 2,200 positions in the construction phase. Currently, it permanently employs about 70 people in operation and maintenance activities. Additionally, the direct and indirect job creation throughout its supply chain has been estimated at thousands of positions spanning throughout the US.


Abengoa (太阳能电池组件): https://www.enf.com.cn/abengoa
Abengoa (光伏系统安装): https://www.enf.com.cn/abengoa