Selfnergy Series

Allis Electric Co., Ltd.
类型: 并网, 离网
功率范围: 3.3~5 kW
地区: 台湾 台湾
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① Quickly brows the real time status of PV inverter and battery
② Support the illumination and temperature of ModBus Protocol
③ Schematically Display the daily/monthly/yearly output power that PV Inverter yields
④ Export a file with CSV format
⑤ Users can set the required data by themselves


Selfnergy-3300 Selfnergy-4000 Selfnergy-5000
5 年 5 年 5 年
3.6 kW 4.3 kW 5.3 kW
650 V 650 V 650 V
18 A 21.5 A 26.5 A
150~500 V 150~500 V 150~500 V
1 1 1
3.3 kW 4 kW 5 kW
220~240 V 220~240 V 220~240 V
16.5 A 20 A 24.5 A
50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz 50, 60 Hz
功率因数 (cosθ)
0.99 0.99 0.99
总谐波失真 (THDi)
< 3 % < 3 % < 3 %
1 1 1
96.5 % 96.7 % 96.9 %
96.1 % 96.3 % 96.6 %
442x405x165 mm 442x405x165 mm 442x405x165 mm
25.8 kg 25.8 kg 25.8 kg
< 0.5 W < 0.5 W < 0.5 W
< 35 dB(A) < 35 dB(A) < 35 dB(A)
环境温度范围 -25 ~ +60 ℃
变压器 Transformerless, 无变压器
防护等级 IP65
相对湿度 0-95 %
散热方式 自然冷却
通讯接口 RS 485, Bluetooth
显示屏 LCD
防护性能 反孤岛保护(ENS), 短路保护, 过载保护, 过压保护, 过流保护, 过热保护, 浪涌保护, 直流断路设备

Product Features

● Inverter for self consumption of PV electricity application

● Iconic display easy to monitor energy flow

● Default smart meter with split-core CT for smart load control and easy installation

● Selectable scenarios for sophisticated energy application

● Special external capacitor modular design for long life span

● High battery discharge power (5.3KW), charge/discharge efficiency >95%

● Optimize charge/discharge control for long life span of Li-ion battery

● Extendable Li-ion battery pack design from 4 kWH~20kWH

● IP65 fan-less nature cooling design/up to 50°C without derating

AEC Philosophy


AEC is committed to providing quality products and excellent service to satisfy all its customers and pursue harmony between its employees, customer and the society.


AEC keeps improving ideas, products, techniques, processes, management and services for continued growth.


AEC responds to the quality of work, life, and society and share the success with our customers, employees, and society.

Allis Electric Co., Ltd.

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Founded on September 25, 1968, Allis Electric Co., Ltd. started by producing low-voltage switchgear, motor control centers, high/low-voltage integrated start-up panels, AC/DC industrial control equipment and transmission & distribution apparatus. Its steady operations led to the development of independent departments which produce transformers, switching devices and electronic products.

Our products are designed to meet the requirements of renowned corporations around the world, such as Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Toshiba, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, etc. A successful public offering in 1994 has allowed Allis Electric to continue its steady growth and to venture into the telecommunications and high-tech industries.

Its solutions now span IT, Telecommunication, Industry, Wireless, Utility, and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition(SCADA). Besides, Allis does not limit itself in Taiwan. Being competitive in the global market is how Allis does business. Through investments, joint ventures, establishment of overseas offices in Europe, USA, and China, Allis Electric continues to develop strategic business alliance to strive for excellence as a multinational business group. With confidence delivered through more than 36 years of solid performance and in-depth knowledge, Allis will continuously work upon its core competencies to be ever more customer-oriented and create values for its stakeholders.


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