6''Mono-Cryst. 159W

Onyx Solar- Building Integrated Photovoltaics
类型: 单晶硅
功率范围: 159 Wp
地区: 西班牙 西班牙
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1. Sizes adapted to construction standards
2. No limits of color or semitransparency
3. Fully integrable and combinable with any other construction material
4. Fits perfectly into Ventilated Facades, Skylights, Walkable Floors, Brise Soleils, Canopies, Windows, Curtain walls, Balconies...


峰值功率 (Pmax)
159 Wp
19 V
8.39 A
23 V
8.93 A
+ 10 %
- 10 %
工作温度 -40~85 °C
温度系数(Pmax) -0.451 %/°C
温度系数(Voc) -0.361 %/°C
温度系数(Isc) 0.08 %/°C
最大系统电压 1000 V
组件尺寸(高/宽/厚) 1650x850 mm
电池片类型 单晶硅
电池片规格 156×156 mm
电池片数量 36
玻璃类型 钢化
封装材料 EVA
接线盒防护等级 IP 65
电缆 2.5 mm2

Ⅰ. International Standards

Ⅱ. Corporate Social Responsibility

Onyx Solar commitment to sustainability has an impact on your company's Corporate Social Responsibility policy and its performance in three dimensions: economic, environmental and social.

● Economic

Sustainability is becoming core to business practice on corporate strategies. Proved to be embedded in customer expectations, improves company's reputation, drives sales and makes a company more competitive in their market. Fitting premises with photovoltaic cells has been shown as one of the most powerful measures to achieve it.

● Environmental

Adopting Onyx Solar innovative solutions and combining them with other environmental-friendly practices is the best contribution a company can make to build a greener future for people and our planet.

● Social

We collaborate with local partners and organizations to enhance our ability to do business responsibly in the communities where we operate. From developed countries to developing ones, we try to set more sustainable patterns to grow.

We believe in a better future. That's how Onyx Solar approaches corporate responsibility. We see our environmental-friendly solutions as a small contribution to create a meaningful change, needed to secure a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors

we borrow it from our children"

Ⅲ. Engineering

Ⅳ. Certification

Onyx Solar- Building Integrated Photo...

Calle Río Cea 1, 46, 05004 Ávila
Onyx Sloar是全球技术领先的光伏玻璃供应商。这家清洁能源科技公司成立于2009年,致力于开发和生产全球第一的低辐射玻璃,产品荣获由美国National Glass Association and the Window & Door Dealers Association颁布的"2015年最具创新性玻璃产品”称号。

基于丰富经验和卓越的创新能力,Onyx Solar一直在不断地引入创新的解决方案,以确保其产品方案在商业化上的成功。


产量 (MW)/2015: 5 MWp
单晶硅, 多晶硅
功 率 范 围(Wp): 50-650


产量 (MW)/2015: 10 MWp
非晶硅: 单结, 多结
功 率 范 围(Wp): 30-250


产量 (MW)/2015: 5 MWp
功 率 范 围(Wp): 30-250


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Onyx Solar

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