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In our solar wholesaler, you will find all the necessary materials for the construction of PV installations. We ensure the high availability of innovative solutions, including batteries, hybrid inverters or chargers. We use our key strengths – intellectual, technical and logistical resources – in our daily work. We combine these with intuitive technologies and an open mind for our customers. As a result, we operate in an environment full of trust, calmness and good communication.

Cooperation with SOLITAN means:

• Intuitive application

• Virtual assistant support

• High availability of photovoltaic devices

• Long-lasting warranties

• Competitive prices Reputable manufacturers

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  • ¥2.09 / Wp *
    JAM72S20 445-4...
    晶澳太阳能有限公司 背钝化
  • ¥2.20 / Wp *
    Vertex S TSM-D...
    天合光能股份有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥2.06 / Wp *
    JAM60D20 360-3...
    晶澳太阳能有限公司 双面,背钝化
  • ¥2.02 / Wp *
    东方日升新能源股份有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥2.06 / Wp *
    LR4-72HBD 440-...
    隆基绿能科技股份有限公司 双面
  • ¥2.14 / Wp *
    Vertex S TSM-D...
    天合光能股份有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥2.16 / Wp *
    Hyundai Energy ... 背钝化


  • ¥1.03 / Wp *
    华为技术有限公司 并网
  • SE 4-10K
    SolarEdge Techn... 并网
  • ¥2.10 / Wp *
    SMA 并网


  • FORCE H2
    上海派能能源科技股份有限公司 独立型
  • LUNA2000-5-15-S0
    华为技术有限公司 智能

We know everything about the challenges of the photovoltaic market!

We are a company specializing in the wholesale of photovoltaic components.

When talking to installers, we see the challenges faced by the market well in advance. Thanks to this, we meet the expectations of our customers, offering materials from reputable manufacturers.

The synergy of human resources, technological potentials, optimized quality of management and consulting, and above all experience, enables the introduction of modern and safe solutions to the market.

SOLITAN means long guarantees, high availability of products and professional help!

In our photovoltaic warehouse you will find all the necessary materials to build a PV installation

We provide high availability of innovative solutions, including batteries, hybrid inverters and chargers.

In our daily work, we use our key assets, i.e. intellectual, technical and logistic resources. We combine them with intuitive technologies and openness to the voice coming from our clients.

Thanks to this, we operate in an atmosphere full of trust, peace and good communication.

SOLITAN distributes photovoltaic materials from factories around the world

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have opened distribution channels with key brands.

The standards used in the production process and the manufacturers' experience in the market guarantee that the constructed PV installation will operate effectively for a long period of time.

Each element of the assortment has the necessary certificates and declarations of conformity allowing for use both in Poland and around the world. Our offer also includes solutions for the future.

Build a photovoltaic installation with us

The secret of a properly made PV installation lies in the correct selection of components.

The solutions we propose are the essence of cooperation between specialists in several fields. Our construction engineers, electricians, lab technicians, roofers, and long-term contractors of photovoltaic systems, work methodically towards creating compatible and safe products.

Inspired by the current market needs, we design solutions with high service life and competitive prices. Thanks to this approach, we want to contribute to:

  • Decreasing the carbon footprint of the economy

  • Improving the quality and comfort of lifes

  • Building safe RES installations

  • Increasing the energy independence of households, enterprises and public institutions

  • Increasing the use of environmentally friendly means of transport

  • Relieving power grids by implementing energy storage and hybrid inverters

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