SMA Solar Technology AG

SMA Solar Technology AG

Sonnenallee 1, 34266 Niestetal
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Dr. Jens Eiko Birkholz
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Enrique Garralaga Rojas


Working together for mutual success. To achieve that, SMA offers an extensive range of services to partners, from providing premium marketing support to solar power professionals to imparting cutting edge expertise at the SMA Solar Academy. Our services reveal our conviction that we can achieve so much more when we work together.


零 部 件 类 型
逆变器 729 销售商, 储能系统 3 销售商, 转换器 1 销售商, 监控系统 60 销售商



  • Sunny Central ...
    -- kW
  • Sunny Central ...
    -- kW
    -- kW
  • Sunny Boy Stor...
    -- kW 离网
  • Sunny Boy Stor...
    -- kW 离网
  • Sunny Central ...
    -- kW 离网
  • Sunny Central ...
    550 ~ 1100 kW 离网
  • SUNNY BOY 3600...
    3.68 ~ 5 kW 离网
  • Sunny Central ...
    -- kW 离网
  • Sunny Central ...
    22 ~ 29.4 kW 离网
    8 ~ 10 kW 并网
  • Sunny Tripower...
    75 kW 并网
  • Sunny Central ...
    -- kW 并网
  • Sunny Central ...
    -- kW 并网
  • Sunny Tripower...
    3 ~ 6 kW 并网
  • Sunny Highpowe...
    100 ~ 150 kW 并网
  • Sunny Highpowe...
    75 kW 并网
  • Sunny Tripower...
    110 kW 并网
  • Sunny Boy 5.5-...
    5.5 kW 并网
  • Sunny Central ...
    -- kW 并网
  • Central 1000CP...
    1100 kW 并网
    1100 kW 并网
    -- kW 并网
    -- kW 并网
  • Sunny Central ...
    550 ~ 990 kW 并网
  • Central 500CP-...
    500 kW 并网
    60 kW 并网
  • SUNNY BOY 1.5 ...
    1.5 ~ 2.5 kW 并网
  • Central 800CP-...
    880 kW 并网
  • Central 630CP-...
    700 kW 并网
  • Sunny Boy 9000...
    9 ~ 11 kW 并网
    25 kW 并网
  • Sunny Boy 3.0 ...
    3 ~ 7.68 kW 并网
    12 ~ 30 kW 并网
  • Sunny Tripower...
    15 kW 并网
  • SUNNY BOY 3.0-...
    3 ~ 6 kW 并网
    2.2 kW 并网
    50 kW 并网,离网




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White, JSun PV, Julius Electric, JW Electric, K Tahere Solutions, K.C. 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SMA Energy; Sunny Design


SMA inverters use state of the art technology and install easily. They have a maximal yield of 97% and use bluetooth technology with a clear graphic display. SMA provides great service and phone assistance. Each inverter has a 5-year warranty with a possible extension to 20 years.

-- , Weolis Photovoltaique Sarl

The whole European market wants high quality inverters such as SMAs. That is why we are mostly using SMA inverters in our production. Therefore we recommend this brand.

-- , S-Energy Co., Ltd.

An inverter manufacturer on the PV market for a long time, SMA Solar has mastered inverter production with an engineering department tuned to the customer. This creates great responsiveness which optimizes your installations.

-- Techno sol'air

The Sunny Beam monitoring system of SMA provides an aesthetic wireless monitoring of the installation. It is cheap, effective and works with SMAs inverters. For instantaneous power or daily, monthly or total yield, you can count on a clear data display and easy use of the system. The data can be saved on your computer and analyzed by a specific SMA software.

-- Volt-R Energie

Very big scope of effective inverters, among the best yield of the industry. Ease of wiring and setting. The inverter 3000 tl 20 is the best seller on the market.

-- , Alizon E.N.R SARL

SMA produces reliable inverters of high quality. Their scope is big enough to adapt to all types of power ranges and installations, both for individuals and for businesses. The manufacturers warranty is 5 years but companies like 3jSystem offer an extended warranty of 20 years.

-- 3jSystem

World leader for inverters in PV systems. High quality products, easy to install and reliable. SMAs inverters offer the most utility from the power of the Sunny Beam.

-- A l'Nrj Sol'Air

The Sunny Beam is a small device which can forward the date from the inverter into the customers living room. It is easy to install and has a reasonable price.

-- A l'Nrj Sol'Air

SMA Solar is an inverter supplier offering high quality products and very satisfying customer service. It is a leader on the inverter market.

-- Sys e.n.r.

This brand offers really good inverters. They are resistant with a high productivity. SMA has a wide range of products to fit the majority of the generators present on the market. Moreover, they are constantly improving their products. The only downside is that there is a high demand for this brand; this creates a scarcity among those who most value this product.

-- Héliotherma

Really interesting materials with a good quality/price ratio. Supplying problems are solved rapidly. Unfortunately, the products are a little bit complicated.

-- Prévost Jérôme

Maximum efficiency European inverters. Good value for the money. They have a wide distribution network that allows you to find stock easily. Even though the number of failures is very small, the customer service is great.

-- Cero Grados Sur, S.L.

The quality of the technical service, training and their equipment makes me recommend the use of SMA inverters in small installations of less than 20 kW and above 100 kW.

-- Quetzal Ingeniería

Very good value for the money, optimum performance and good after sales service. Compact equipment and good implementation.

-- Asitel Instalaciones y proyectos S.L.

Wide range of solutions with high performance. Technical documentation and manuals of good quality. High functionality in the monitorization of the facilities

-- Domus Ingeniería Energética, SL

Products of very high quality, short communication lines, the customer service is very good, broad range in configuration possibilities, proven endurance (15 years)

-- Stroomwerk Energy BV

In our opinion they are very reliable inverters. They have a very good value for the money. Its after sales service has solved any problem that we have had efficiently.

-- OpciónDos Energía Natural, S.L.

I recommend the use of these inverters. We are very pleased with these products. They are the best ones and they have no rival.

-- Blaen C. M., S.L.

We strongly recommend this brand of inverters. It is one of the most reputed in the industry. They have really good customer service.

-- Solaris Technology Pty Ltd

It is one of the strongest brands in the market. It has quality and reliability above the rest. So this is the one that we always choose.

-- , SEA S.L.L. Soluciones Energéticas Alternativas

Its our favorite brand, inverters of good quality and with excellent after sales service. We appreciate the fact that we can see online all the installations without any extra cost

-- , Solpranos

We specially like these products for their quality and the service that they offer. Furthermore, the power that they have fits very well.

-- SUD Renovables S.L.

From our experience this brand offers the best performance and a high productivity. Beside, there are other important things like the warranty, the quality and the price that make SMAs inverters more reliable than other brands.

-- ALhena Sarl

This brand gives us a good performance. We globally dont have any issue with the materiel.