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United Solar Supplier, a prominent solar equipment provider, excels in delivering solutions for industrial, large-scale, and residential solar projects. Leveraging strong partnerships with top domestic and international solar product manufacturers, we offer a wide range of premium solar panels, inverters, and advanced storage systems.

Our core expertise is serving industrial-scale projects, providing utility-scale photovoltaic plants and energy storage systems with superior performance, safety, and competitive costs. This combination of experience and innovative thinking positions us as the preferred partner for developers, IPPs, and utilities. While we specialize in large-scale solutions, we also cater to residential solar installations, tailoring efficient solutions to unique home energy requirements, thus fostering significant energy savings and sustainability.

United Solar Supplier remains steadfast in our commitment to proliferate renewable energy, ensuring every customer benefits from solar solutions designed to meet their specific needs. Join us in enabling a greener, more sustainable future marked by reliability, efficiency, and unrivaled customer service.

服务区域 全球
语种 阿拉伯语,英语


  • ¥0.781 / Wp *
    Hi-MO 4m LR4-7...
    隆基绿能科技股份有限公司 单晶硅
  • ¥0.859 / Wp *
    Tiger Neo N-ty...
    晶科能源控股有限公司 TOPCon
  • ¥0.797 / Wp *
    Tiger Neo 72HL...
    晶科能源控股有限公司 TOPCon
  • REC Alpha Pure...
    REC Solar 异质结 (HJT),单晶硅
  • BSM355M-370M-6...
    合肥布诺太阳能科技有限公司 背钝化 (PERC)
  • Solaria PowerX...
    Solaria 单晶硅
  • Solaria PowerX...
    Solaria 单晶硅
  • REC TwinPeak 5...
    REC Solar 单晶硅
  • DNA-144 390-40...
    Aptos Solar Tec... 单晶硅
  • DNA-120 320-33...
    Aptos Solar Tec... 单晶硅
  • TwinPlus 370-3...
    江苏辉伦太阳能科技有限公司 背钝化 (PERC),单晶硅
  • MSE PERC 60 33...
    Mission Solar E... 背钝化 (PERC)
  • MSE PERC 60 34...
    Mission Solar E... 背钝化 (PERC)
  • MSE PERC 66 37...
    Mission Solar E... 背钝化 (PERC)
  • Q.peak Duo BLK...
    Q Cells 单晶硅
  • DNA-144 390-40...
    Aptos Solar Tec... 单晶硅
  • REC Alphα Pure...
    REC Solar 异质结 (HJT),单晶硅


  • Fronius Symo A...
    Fronius 并网
  • RHI-3P(5-10)K-...
    锦浪科技股份有限公司 混合
  • IQ7 and IQ7+
    Enphase 微型逆变器
  • IQ7A
    Enphase 微型逆变器


  • eVault 18.5 Li...
    Fortress Power 智能
  • eFLEX 5.4
    Fortress Power 独立型
  • IQ Battery 3
    Enphase 智能
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支架系统 IronRidge, Inc., K2 Systems GmbH, EcoFasten Solar LLC, Hollaender Mfg. Co.
充电控制器 Magnum Energy, Inc.
监控系统 Campbell Scientific Inc., Meteocontrol GmbH, Yaskawa Solectria Solar, Victron Energy B.V., GreenPowerMonitor Sistemas de Monitorización S.L, 浙江艾罗网络能源技术有限公司, Radiant solar, NRG Systems, RainWise, Inc., Apogee Instruments, Inc.
Who We Are

We are Revolutionizing the Global Energy Landscape

United Solar Supplier powers renewable energy solutions through industry-vetted partnerships and proven and reliable globally managed supply chains.

Our Vision

United Solar Supplier envisions itself as a torchbearer in the global solar energy sector, dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, and sustainable solar solutions to customers worldwide.

Global Footprint

United Solar is at the forefront of global clean energy innovation, providing solar system solutions that are revolutionizing the way we power our homes and businesses.

Fueling the Future with Solar Energy Solutions

Our Brands
Our Services

Commercial Enquiry

Our team has specialized expertise in every area of solar project development and delivery. We can assist with all aspects of your commercial or utility solar project, from initial planning and design to procurement and logistics. We work closely with our clients to develop optimized solutions.

Renewable Allocation Marketplace (RAM)

Our proprietary Renewable Allocation Marketplace (RAM) allows you to efficiently manage the procurement process by allowing easy browsing through the largest selection of top-tier products with manufacturer pricing in the industry.

Intuitive Logistics

Our personalized Intuitive Logistics services simplify and streamline the supply chain to ensure clients receive their products on time and within budget, regardless of location or project size. We offer comprehensive logistics management services, including Liftgate and Parcel Services, to ensure your project is handled from factory to final installation.

Manufacturer Direct Pricing

We offer competitive pricing on a wide range of solar products, including panels, inverters, racking systems, and more. Our strong relationships with a global network of manufacturers and suppliers enables us to negotiate favorable pricing on behalf of our clients, helping you to remain competitive in the market.

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